What are people saying about the Good IB PYP Programme?


The IB programme gives students the opportunity to learn in an engaging way. It enables students to explore conceptual connections and take actions in the world around them. I love seeing my students flourish in the IB programme.


As a parent of two children who benefitted from the IB programme and earned their IB diplomas,  I have seen first hand how this programme impacts students. The rigor, international-mindedness, real-life authentic problem solving and service in action helped shape them into life-long learners who continue to be compassionate adults who are making a positive difference in the world.

PYP Coordinator

I like how everyone is accepting and helpful. I like how we look through different lenses as we explore cultures.

5th Grade Student 

IB is very helpful because students can have differing ideas about how to solve real-life problems. For the Exhibition I chose to use art to communicate about homelessness locally and globally. When my exhibition group went to the homeless shelter, there was a seven year old girl living there. When I saw her, I wondered what happened in her life. I felt mixed emotions. I tried to put myself in her shoes. If I was her I would have been thankful to have been living in a shelter and not on the streets. I would recommend an IB education because when you put on the IB glasses, you see the world differently.

Exhibition Student